About DART-nuun

Our adventure racing team was formed in 2002 in Seattle, Washington. Since then, we've competed in hundreds of races and have become one of the most successful teams in North America by winning premiere races from Canada to Mexico as well as leaving our mark on the world stage.

The team is made up of working professionals that are passionate about the sport. We are committed to training and racing at an elite level and competing against the best teams in the world. We are also dedicated to fostering the growth of adventure racing and adventure sports in general through our presentations, clinics, race directing, and online resources.

Although we are focused primarily on adventure racing, many of us compete individually in other sports like endurance mountain biking, ultra running, kayaking, endurance swimming, triathlons, and rogaining (Glenn Rogers is a National Rogaine Champion).

Our goals are to foster the development of adventure racing as well as adventure sports in general and continue to be a recognized brand by successfully competing in the world’s toughest races.

To contact the team, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is Adventure Racing?
Adventure Racing is the toughest team endurance sport in the world. It requires teams (typically co-ed teams of 4) to navigate (with map and compass) through a region using non-motorized means of transportation in a non-stop format. Typical sports include combinations of mountain biking, trail running, orienteering, mountaineering, rope work, kayaking, canoeing, and various other sports native to the area in which a race is held. Adventure races range in length from 2 hours sprint races near urban areas to 10 days expedition races in some of the world’s wildest and remote places. The challenges of Adventure Racing go beyond the talents of the individual athletes and require team members to continually strategize, support one another, and problem solve in order to maximize the performance of the team and finish together. To be successful in the sport, teams must develop an acute sense of leadership, teamwork, ingenuity, tenacity, and will power.